Janicke Johansen

About the Artist

Janicke Johansen is a practising artist and designer with many years of study in both the Arts and Design Industries. She also works part time as an art teacher for both adults and children.
Janicke’s art work is interpretive and modern combining textures, patterns and intense colours to create responses to her environment and memory. Colour is dripped, sprayed, scraped and splashed onto a surface and then blocked out with bold whites and muted colours to create the final image.
There are recurring themes such as flora and fauna that emerge from her work, often with a quirky playfulness about them. Janicke also creates collages and sculptures using predominantly recycled components as well as hand-printed lino cuts. She is now producing one-of-a-kind designs using painted backgrounds and cut-out silhouettes, such as the alphabet and Australian animals, at very affordable prices.
You can see more of Janicke’s work via www.janickejohansen.com. Artwork can be made to suit your requirements.