About Us

Erin Richards
Managing Director

A communications professional who once ran her business from home, in cafes, and out of a work hub, Happy Hubbub is Erin’s brainchild. Erin champions the value and virtues of part-time workers and business operators, and invites companies to work with Happy Hubbub to develop 'ramp-up' solutions for employees returning to work from parental leave.

Kirstin Boyd
Childcare Director 

Kirstin has spent more than 15 years in early childhood education, and is passionate about children learning through play. Kirstin believes providing an enriching and inviting environment allows children to explore their own interests and abilities freely and comfortably. She also believes building relationships with children is key to fostering their sense of belonging, self-confidence and continued interest in learning, and she looks forward to sharing in your child's journey at Happy Hubbub.

Necessity, the mother of invention...
After our second child (aka Big Bump in this picture), I decided to freelance instead of returning to my previous job; the childcare fees for two children versus what would be a part-time editor's salary just didn't add up. 

I've never regretted it, but running a business from home while also looking after little people brought its own challenges: no additional childcare when the inevitable spikes in work came; getting frustrated with my children when I tried to get work done on 'their days'; burning the midnight oil because the kids hadn't taken their daytime nap...or because I had succumbed to sleep deprivation and napped with them.

One day, a mum online mused: "I just wish I could go to a cafe or somewhere, work alongside other women and look out the window to see our children being looked after by a proper childcarer. Wouldn't that be lovely?" 

The Happy Hubbub began to take shape.

– Erin Richards