Hubbub Childcare

Hubbub childcare is more than just a childminding service.
We are a fully licensed childcare facility that incorporates early learning programs and development plans to chart the progress of our 'mini Hubbubbers'. 

The childcare space includes a lovely outdoor play area (located far from concentrating coworkers!) and the indoor area is one large, open-plan room with children's toilets/nappy change area, kitchenette and nursing chair for mums wishing to breastfeed.

Happy Hubbub's licence and childcare policies are available to view in reception. Families may also request a (soft or hard) copy of our policies . 

Childcare Philosophy

We are passionate about providing a childcare service that delivers high-quality early education and childcare. We believe in fostering good working relationships between early educators and parents/guardians to better understand the needs and abilities of each individual child.

Through ongoing observation, developmental knowledge and family input, our programs will extend and challenge children to build life skills, including confidence, socialisation and teamwork, and to encourage respect and empathy for others.

All children are treated equally regardless of gender, race, ability, religion, economic status or family structure.

Our environment will be both welcoming and stimulating, encouraging children to learn through play, with hands-on experiences that encourage exploration and sensory engagement.


  • To foster a sense of belonging for children and families

  • To ensure children are cared for, educated and respected

  • To promote and encourage confidence and life skills

  • To work in partnership with families

  • To maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment