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Your Magic Helper

Your Magic Helper offers great value and peace of mind by replacing many household tasks with one Magic Helper. For example, Your Magic Helper can pick up the kids from school, fold and iron the laundry (while ensuring the kids are doing their homework), and begin meal preparation for you. Magic Helpers are not contractors – they are carefully selected and highly trained team members.

Hubbub has enabled me to continue run my business and manage a renovation while being a mum to two girls. While my baby girl is having fun next door, I use the space as an office, and book the meeting rooms to run many side projects! Life is crazy but thanks to my time at Hubbub I am in control!

– Jess Keating-Mesaros, Founder

HR Gurus

HR Gurus is an outsourced HR service for businesses who want to invest in HR but are not big enough to require a dedicated HR resource to sit within their business. We are about helping small businesses set up the right systems and frameworks they need to manage HR effectively in their business without all the red tape and fuss.

HR Gurus occupy an office upstairs with 5 desks.  We also use the premises for workshops, training, interviewing and meetings.  We have been with Happy Hubbub for nearly 18 months and are very happy here.

– Emily Jaksch, Head Guru​

Jen Clark Design

Jen Clark Design is an innovative Branding, Graphic​​ and Web ​Design Studio.

I’ve been fortunate enough to occupy a permanent desk at Happy Hubbub for most of the past year and have loved every moment. While peering in to see my 1yo son playing happily next-door at the childcare facility, I can go and grab a coffee nearby on bustling High Street and get on with my work with the peace of mind knowing Max is being well taken care of. Happy Hubbub is truly one of a kind.




Embrace Acupuncture

Dr Danielle Maguire TCM is an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Human Biologist. Danielle specialises in treating women’s health & fertility, gut health, and stress & anxiety. Embrace Acupuncture will nourish, replenish and rebalance your mind & body to have you feeling better, faster.

Happy Hubbub is more than a place where I rent a space, it’s a whole community! It’s a thriving microcosm of people building their businesses, with the perfect blend of warm and friendly conversations combined with business focus to get things done. I also love the collaborations that flourish from this space!

– Dr Danielle Maguire TCM

1000 Mile Travel Group

1000 Mile Travel Group is an Australian based supplier of travel management solutions which specialises in corporate, cruising, leisure and group travel.

I work from the Hubbub two full days and two half days a week while my son is in the childcare space.  Coworking and childcare in the one location means that I get to work on and grow my business without distractions, yet also check on my son throughout the day and know he is receiving the best care.

– Jemma Thompson, Travel Agent

Future Life Care

Future Life Care provides quality care at home to elderly people of culturally diverse backgrounds with deep respect to their language, faith, and customs. We are a Department of Health approved in-home aged care provider. Our focus is on delivering personal care in a culturally appropriate way, so our elderly clients feel respected, comfortable and confident to live at home, surrounded by their family and wider community.

Helen Barrett – Children's Counselling & Therapy


Helen is a Play Therapist, who’s also trained in social work and counselling. Helen offers assessment and child therapy through a play-based approach called Child Centred Play Therapy and parent support. She specialises in seeing young children in the pre-school/ kinder years but works with children up to primary school age (from 2 years up to 10 years).

I moved my private practice to Happy Hubbub in October 2016, and now take a full-time therapy room in an upstairs office. I love the flexibility of being in a coworking space – being able to build up my office hours as my business has grown.

Helen Barrett


Talk and Grow Speech Pathology

Talk and Grow Speech Pathology offers assessment, intervention and parent training for children with communication and feeding concerns including the following:

  • Early language development
  • Stuttering
  • Literacy
  • Receptive and expressive language
  • Fussy eating
  • Articulation


I’ve only just started at Hubbub but so far have found the facilities to be exactly what I need.

Rebecca Smith


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