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After my second child, I decided to turn freelance instead of returning to my previous job. 

I’ve never regretted it, but running an editing business from home while also looking after little people brought its own challenges: no additional childcare when the inevitable spikes in work came; getting frustrated with my children when I tried to get work done on ‘their days’; burning the midnight oil because the kids hadn’t taken their daytime nap…or because I had succumbed to sleep deprivation and napped with them.

One day, a mum online mused: “I just wish I could go to a cafe, open my laptop and get some work done alongside others doing the same, and we could look out the window to see our children being looked after by a proper carer. Wouldn’t that be lovely?”

This was the kernel of the idea for Happy Hubbub.

– Erin Richards


Erin Richards


A communications professional who once ran her business from home, in cafes, and out of a work hub, Happy Hubbub is Erin’s brainchild. Erin champions the value and virtues of part-time workers and business operators, and invites companies to work with Happy Hubbub to develop 'ramp-up' solutions for employees returning to work from parental leave.

Team Hubbub

Hubbub Childcare

Hubbub's childcare facility is a run by a small but dedicated and passionate team of educators, led by Nathalie Benoit, 2IC/Assistant Director, and Carole Wigglesworth, Educational Leader.

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