Fees & Rebates

Coworking fees are tax deductible if running your own business. Consult your accountant for details. All rates inclusive of GST.

Desk Space

  • ***NEW*** Family hotdesk (for one parent/carer while their child is in Hubbub childcare)
  • Casual hotdesk
    $33 per day
  • 1 day per week
    $110 per month
  • 2 days per week
    $220 per month
  • Full-time hotdesk
    $330 per month
  • Permanent desk (with lockable underdesk drawers)
    $440 per month

Private Offices

  • 2-desk office
    $1100 per month
  • 3-desk office
    $1550 per month
  • 4- to 5-desk office
    $2200 per month
  • 6+ rear studio/office space
    $3300 per month

Meeting Rooms

  • Small meeting room (4 pax)
    $25 per hour, $165 per day
  • Boardroom (8 pax)
    $33 per hour, $220 per day
  • Training room (15 pax)
    $55 per hour, $330
  • Our small meeting room is perfect for Zoom calls and 2-person interviews; boardroom hire includes Smart TV and whiteboard for meetings and workshops; and the training room is a great size for larger-group training sessions.

Childcare Fees

Happy Hubbub is an approved and registered Australian child care provider.

Eligible parents may utilise the Federal Government’s Child Care Subsidy scheme for our services. In order for us to apply CCS to your account, you MUST provide us with both your child’s Date of Birth and CRN Number and the corresponding parent’s date of birth and CRN Number. If you are not registered for CCS, please contact the Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

Childcare – Permanent

  • Long day care (7.30am–6pm)
    $129 per day*
  • Half-day care (AM: 7.30am–12.30pm; PM: 1–6pm)
    $80 per day*
  • *CCS applicable. Minimum one permanent booking per week.

Childcare – Casual

  • Long day care (7.30am–6pm)
    $139 per day**
  • Half-day care (AM: 7.30am–12.30pm; PM: 1–6pm)
    $84 per day**
  • **CCS applicable. Casual bookings are subject to availability and only available to families with current enrolments.

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