Happy Hubbub is an approved and registered Australian child care provider. Eligible parents may utilise the Federal Government’s Child Care Benefit (CCB) and/or Child Care Rebate (CCR) schemes for our services. 



Hubbub childcare is known for its warm and welcoming, family-like environment. It is a mixed-age-group facility, taking children aged 4 months to 5 years, with just 16 childcare spaces per day. A staff:children ratio of 1:4 is maintained at all times.

The childcare space includes a lovely outdoor play area, and the indoor area is one large, open-plan room with children’s toilets/nappy change area and kitchenette. Our program is very flexible, with a strong emphasis on indoor/outdoor exploration, encouraging children to make their own choices as to where they will play, learn and explore. Our indoor space is set up with different ‘stations’ for small groups or individuals to explore – for example, a craft table that changes daily, reading corner, home corner, and more.

Happy Hubbub’s unique and smaller childcare setting allows our team of educators to get to know each individual child quickly and well. As parents are often on site in the coworking space, we have an ‘open door’ policy where parents may come and go as they choose, e.g. to help facilitate continued breastfeeding or during the early transition period. Parents are also able to peek through the window into the childcare space throughout the day.

Happy Hubbub’s long day care licence and childcare policies are available to view in reception. Families may also request a copy of our policies at any time.

Childcare Philosophy

We are passionate about providing a childcare service that delivers high-quality early education and childcare. We believe in fostering good working relationships between early educators and parents/guardians to better understand the needs and abilities of each individual child.

Through ongoing observation, developmental knowledge and family input, our programs will extend and challenge children to build life skills, including confidence, socialisation and teamwork, and to encourage respect and empathy for others.

All children are treated equally regardless of gender, race, ability, religion, economic status or family structure.

Our environment will be both welcoming and stimulating, encouraging children to learn through play, with hands-on experiences that encourage exploration and sensory engagement.


  • To foster a sense of belonging for children and families
  • To ensure children are cared for, educated and respected
  • To promote and encourage confidence and life skills
  • To work in partnership with families
  • To maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment


Fees and Rebates

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